26 micro-projects selected as a result of the 3rd Call for Proposals

On 6th July 2020, the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Programme (JMC) approved the results of the 3rd Call for Proposals. The Call was devoted to micro-projects and was organized within the Thematic Objective HERITAGE.


The 3rd Call for Proposals was launched since not the whole allocation foreseen for micro-projects (5.2 MEUR) was used within the 2nd Call. It was the last Call under 2014-2020 Programme edition. 178 Application Forms were submitted and the total amount of requested EU co-financing was equal to 9.41 MEUR what proves great popularity and potential behind the micro-projects.


The JMC decided to co-finance 26 projects (22 in 1.1 priority and 4 in 1.2 priority, list available here)and established the reserve list of 11 projects (available here) for possible future contracting. Successful applications represent 12 eligible Programme regions. The total amount of awarded co-financing equals 1.47 MEUR.


The letters with results of the Call are being sent now to all applicants. Simultaneously, the JTS initiates the process of confirming the eligibility of selected applicants. Next step will be contracting of projects – it shall be finalized within max. 6 months.

Further details and updated information on this Call can be found in the Call for Proposals tab on the Programme website.

We congratulate the winners in that difficult competition and look forward for the micro-projects results!